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"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro

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*Instructions for new photo sharing site* Go to http://minus.com/
(first album: http://min.us/m1lGWtx02)
  • sign in as Cadre17, password: pepperdine
  • view the albums there- more to come soon!!
  • Simply drag & drop (or upload) your pics!!
  • #that'sallfolks!

*Get the minus app to upload 15 pics at a time. :) Jay did. So, you should too. ;)

FYI: Screenshot shows options for view mode- change to grid, list, etc.

Previous photos are still available at: http://bit.ly/photos17

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News and Events from PEPPERDINE
Ten Faculty Members Honored with 2011 Howard A. White Award for Teaching Excellence
The 2011 recipients of the Howard A. White Award for Teaching Excellence were announced Friday, Oct. 7, during the University Faculty Conference. The award, named in honor of Pepperdine's fifth president who served the University as teacher and administrator for almost 30 years, is given to full-time faculty members each year in recognition of their distinguished record of teaching excellence.
President Andrew K. Benton and Provost Darryl Tippens presented the awards with Jay Brewster, chair of the Howard A. White committee, during the conference luncheon. The awards are divided into two categories. Category one consists of full-time faculty members who have served at Pepperdine for more than six years or who are tenured. Their award includes a $3,000 stipend. Category two consists of full-time faculty who have served Pepperdine less than six years and who are not tenured. Their award includes a $2,000 stipend.

The 2011 honorees in category one are Charla Griffy-Brown, Graziadio School professor of information systems and technology management, and director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence; Angela Hawken, SPP associate professor of public policy; Barbara Ingram, GSEP professor of psychology; Robert B. Lloyd, associate professor of international relations at Seaver College; Linda G. Polin, GSEP professor of education and Davidson Endowed Professor; Robert Sexton, Distinguished Professor of Economics at Seaver College; and Peter T. Wendel, professor of law at the School of Law.

The 2011 honorees in category two are Naomi Goodno, associate professor of law at the School of Law; Maretno Agus Harjoto, Graziadio School assistant professor of finance; and Mason Marshall, assistant professor of philosophy at Seaver College.
The Committee for Teaching Excellence coordinated the selection process. The members of the committee identified twenty finalists for the award based upon their review of the hundreds of nominations submitted by alumni, students, faculty, and staff. The recipients were selected after consideration of additional information submitted by and about each of the finalists. 

During a career at Pepperdine that spanned almost 30 years, Howard A. White served as a history professor, a respected scholar, a gifted administrator, and a faithful steward of the University's mission. His life's work at Pepperdine as a teacher, scholar, and administrator exemplifies the commitment of the University and its faculty to students and to teaching and learning.

Current/ Recent Work & topics
Research Groups 725
Social Media in Schools - Jay, Jill, Anna,
Gaming - Jeff, Saress, John, An, Michelle G.
Mobile - Katie, Christine, Andy, Angie, Janice
One Laptop Per Child - Ricardo
Consumer Lifestyle Apps-Maya
Twitter use in health care - Celeste, Kevin

From Judi's syllabus re: Wiki

C. Working and learning together to represent the big ideas – 29%

As a class, students will organize, explain, and maintain a shared document (such as Google Docs or a Wiki page) with explanations and examples of big ideas, important concepts, and key thinkers in cognitive models of human learning. Entries must have bylines, references, and be vetted by at least one peer (not your learning partner). Everyone gets the same grade for the overall quality of the wiki, which will be calculated as an average of each vetted section, and will be based on the accuracy of the content and the clarity of the entry. I will provide forms for reviewing, but you can also add in your own criteria.You may want to include such topics as the ones listed below. You should reference (in APA style) both published models/propositions/theories/frameworks and research on the topic.
Note, you can take an idea you started in the Discussion Forums in Sakai, expand on it, polish it, and get others to think with you on it. In this project, one goal is to try to deepen and extend our understanding of the topics. Another goal is to develop a process for working together to create a product. Everyone will need to add about 1500 original words to the Wiki and reference approximately 6 sources. You will need to have first drafts of all articles (can be incomplete) up by our November F2F session. [If your articles aren’t up, we can’t work on the Wiki; there will be 5% deduction on your grade, not the whole class grade. Please have your article (and a decent amount of it) up by the time we get together for the F2F session.] Part 1 is getting them up there by November meeting (5%). Part 2 is working together to make the Wiki a useful collaborative knowledge product (24%). All work on the Wiki needs to be completed by 12/5.
Vetting should be completed by Monday, Dec 5th, revisions and all work needs to be completed by 12/9.