This wiki is for the DaVinci Minecraft Team to collaborate on its student activity.

Team members: John, Jill, Edgar, Ricardo, Katie and Saress (JJERKS)

Suggestion MineCraft FUNdamentals Challenge
(We can use the Minecraft Mario character!)

Mario Minecraft.jpg

I've been thinking we might create a "MineCraft FUNdamentals" obstacle course where students have to use the basic MC skills to get to the end of a route. We could identify the 10 basic skills we want to test and then the more advanced kids could post their times (might have to have a partner for that or Pepperdine student). The newbies could use the structure to see what skills they still need to master. It would be a win-win. Bragging rights could be re-tested by us just to be sure no one is using mods or extra materials (or extra people!).

We would have to 1) identify the skills2) provide the materials in some way (hidden on the course)3) provide accurate instructions - and we could have fun here by layering in some word challenges (or not) that require some internet search about MineCraft.4) be able to strip the contestants as they enter (a la portal powers)

We could open a forum thread for students to leave hints for others or critique the course (or both).
It would be a kinda boot camp experience - but better!
Skills: very basicMake crafting tableMake wooden pickaxe, then stone sword, hoe and pickaxeMake furnaceMake large chest (2 together)
Skills: a little more advancedUse water correctlyHarvest wheat for food (or another food source)Use mining skills (finding resources and getting in and out of mines)
Skills: a lot more advancedBuild and use mine carts and rails correctlyUse redstone to energize _Make armor and fight and kill mobs