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May 2nd
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Judi's ppt Jan 27

**Stages of cultural** proficiency pdf

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2/5/12 - 762
Integration of Rogers' 6 Stages of Innovation Development and Kelly Innovative Personas This is a table created in Google Docs by Celeste used to make linkages between Rogers' stages of innovation development and Kelly personae. Feel free to add to it, make comments (agree or disagree with the linkages).


Jill's informal notes 762

9/24/11 Paul Sparks

Technology is an extension of our senses.Wheels are extensions of ourselves. Televisions are extensions of our eyes. The phone is an extension of our mouths.

But Technology can also be amputating. In what ways are they amputating?+ Privacy (Dijlah)+ Less connectiveness / relationships / depth+ human interaction

What's coming up in the future? More extensions/Amputations? YES!

BUT: Kurzweil's Singularity~ New media being released daily. Is there a saturation point?Like a singularity, as we get more and more tech, it becomes less and less comprehensive for the user.+ Software start writing software, Hardware writing hardware.Technology is running away from us!2025, we'll hit this singularity.

========================New Media Ideas:Live (MS)PreziVuvo

========================Clark and Kosma: Fight

"Affordances"CLARK (<Someone to look at from my previous thesis)"I think that Facebook is a better medium for learning than interactive video discs" - Doesn't make sense.This is a silly discussion. It's not about the MEDIUM. It's about the Methods

KOZMA:Media is different! Film is passive, but computers are active. You can't just say that no interaction with media, isn't valuable. Look at the Affordances. Affordances allow you to do more with individual media.

Dales Cone of Experience:

Internet: Comes at us from opposite direction from Kay. Writing --> Videos. (Reversed Piaget - Verbal > Vis > Kinesthetic)

To live, experience, and take in/teach the same steps -> Gamification.

There are FREKKIN Affordances in GAMING.

=======================Jane McGonigal and Happiness. Why is reality broken?Is there an empirical happiness?

also see terms page

9/24/11 - Paul Sparks Media

Lyrics: I'm so much better online
Jane McGonigal explains why 'reality is broken'
MIT Wins Red Balloon Challenge


WAG: wild a$$ guess
SWAG: scientific wild a$$ guess

APA Presentation PowerPoint

Video: Gina's APA presentation part 1
Video: Gina's APA presentation part 2 (on its way)


750 Kay F2F

Paul Sparks will be with us at 4:30 pm. on Friday.

Wants and Challenges for our F2F session


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9/21/11 Angie's workplace problem>Teacher to Teacher communication
Possible shared spaces


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